We are glad to provide a variety of ways for the whole community to access Anishinaabemowin

Professional Development

We are happy to provide PD opportunities for a variety of organizations depending on their goals. 


Topics: Understanding Anishinaabemowin Grammar, Curriculum Design, Immersion Pedagogy, Resource Development, Community Language Worker Development, Simple Greeting/Thanking/Departing

Naming Programs or Groups

For programs run for and by Anishinaabeg. In consultation with your organization, we will provide you with a name in Anishinaabemowin. 


* we do not provide individual Anishinaabe names 

Community Language Documentation / Resource Development

We can support communities to document community language and to develop community based language resources.  


Community Programming

We are happy to provide community programming for a variety of ages (5+). 


You can book a 55 minute session with Ninaatig or one of our associate tutors.